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Website Management Services

Protect and strengthen your company’s brand, reputation, and business.

Ever increasingly, a customer’s first main impression of your company is becoming an online one. Your website therefore is essentially viewed by the public eye the same as they would view your store front or office.


What impression does your website give to your customers about your business and brand?


An out of date website, both look and content, can quickly lose consumer confidence in your business and have them going elsewhere.

All too often with small to medium businesses a website is created as a one off marketing and sales tool and then left alone. Information and content can quickly become irrelevant, possibly incorrect, and if left long enough detrimental to your business image and brand in the eyes of your customers looking at you online.


For many businesses, falling behind is mostly due to no one person being responsible for keeping the website up to date. Or, if someone is responsible, the website stays low on their list of other priorities that will always come ahead while the website falls behind. Previously, outsourcing this function to a third party has not been possible or deemed too expensive for small organisations.


Through our Website Management Services we become your point of accountability, providing an affordable solution for keeping your website and content up to date.

We will create a website content strategy, tailored to your unique business factors, to achieve the most cost-effective and beneficial result for your online activity. Our goal is to protect and strengthen your brand image online, through constantly updating and enhancing your web presence, helping to improve and increase your business.


Website Management Services Include:

  • Website Audit & Consultation
  • Constant communication and follow up to deliver on your content strategy.
    This may be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc depending on your specific needs.
  • Update or addition of content onto your website - news, blogs, images, references, etc
  • E-commerce updates – content, product additions and updates.
  • Social Media – Managing your businesses online presence through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest
  • Website upgrades – total website redesign and development services.

Start now with an initial Website Audit and Consultation for NZ$100.00

Services start at just NZ$50.00

Please Note: The pricing and description for our Website Management Services are provided as a starting guideline only - pricing and services will be based on your specific requirements and unique online content strategy.


Website Audit & Consultation

Review of your current website and content to ensure it is up to date and meeting your goals. Creation of an online content strategy, inline with your individual business goals and requirements, as well as appealing to your target market and customer base.

Please note: Depending on your location the consultation will be performed in person or via Skype.

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Mobile Friendly / Mobile Responsive Upgrades

Is your website mobile friendly?

If not you are running the risk of losing out on customers due to a poor online experience and being dis-advantaged in search results.


With the ever increasing adoption of mobile devices, websites are now being viewed more and more through mobile phones, tablets, and other devices than ever before. 
Mobile responsive websites change the way they display themselves to offer the viewer the best possible experience regardless of what device a person may be using.  Websites that do not respond to mobile devices run the risk of losing viewers / customers due to a frustrating online experience, while at the same time running the risk of creating a negative impression with the company or individual that the website belongs to. 

Due to this trend, and to encourage better user experiences across the internet, major search engines such as google are now rewarding websites that are mobile friendly, while penalising websites that are not, in their search results.  


So, is your website mobile friendly? 

You don't need a brand new website.  This can be solved by a time and cost effective upgrade to your existing website instead. 

Contact us now about how we can improve your online experience for your mobile customers as well as help you get found in Search Results from mobile devices.

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Website Design / Template Changes

Need a simple design change to your website, or a complete new look? 

We can help you - contact us now!


From NZ$50.00

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Content Additions & Changes

From quick spelling corrections to adding new images, stories, full pages, products, galleries and more.

If you have content additions or changes to be done - save time and / or money by letting us help you. 

Contact us now!


From NZ$50.00

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