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Blair Davidson Profile shot with Sydney Harbour Bridge in Background

Welcome to BDWebProduction - the online portfolio of Blair Davidson.

After graduating university (specialising in Marketing and Information Science) and a large stint in the snow as a professional snowboard instructor between the Southern Alps of New Zealand and the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, I found myself in Sydney, Australia. It was here under a web development course with Dynamic Web Training that I decided to further progress my skills working in the WWW.

Through the course and further experience i've been able to specialise in XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, utilising Jquery scripts, as well as Photoshop to create anything from a basic informative site to larger dynamic websites utilising a database and content management system in the backend.
Despite working remotely, I have had also had great success delivering client tutorials and instruction on the use of their website and content management system.
I also focus on graphic design and digital art creation / enhancement for certain projects as well, and have been known to dable in video editing.

Currently spending my time between New Zealand and Colorado I am continually looking to take on any projects that are possible via the internet.

Thank you for your interest.

Best regards,

Blair Davidson